Fishing Tips for Big Spring Flounder

The spring fishing season brings flounder into inshore waters, and anglers pursue them in many different ways. Quite a few traditional flounder fishermen are content to drift or troll the inlets dragging live bait on the bottom and letting the boat do the work for them. But for those anglers seeking larger flatfish, anchoring up and casting to structure is a better tactic.

Big flounder love to orientate themselves around hard structure inshore. Docks, bridges, piers, jetties, and oyster beds near marsh grass are great places to find them. These larger female fish are a bit lazier than their smaller male cousins and prefer to lie in wait around some sort of baitfish-attracting structure (like pilings or rocks) that will bring a steady flow of straggling small fish (mullet, pogies, spot, croaker, pinfish, etc) when the tide really starts moving either in or out.

Here are some tips for catching …