Budget Shark Fishing Gear

Shark fishing can present the saltwater angler with a unique set of challenges. A four-foot shark can strip off hundreds of feet of line right off a reel. As if trying to keep enough line in the reel isn’t enough, your reel has to withstand the pounding of a thrashing shark. get your dog supplies from DoggieToys.Deals

Shark fishing gear, if you let it, can take a sizable chunk out of your wallet. How much to spend will come down to how often the gear will be used. If you are already an experienced shark chaser, you probably have spent the sums necessary to be outfitted. But if this is your first trip, we’ll cover the gear that can take you beyond your first trip.

Shark fishing supplies come in two forms, cheap and value. When I was younger, I went on a week long backpacking trip, using cheap gear. On the last day, hiking down the mountain, I was carrying the backpack and frame in my hands, instead of on my back. The memory of that experience has stayed with me for thirty years. Cheap shark fishing gear could leave you with the same painful memory.

I recently asked the host, Capt. Ray Kelly, of the fishing show, Adventures in Fishing, about his choice in reels for shark fishing. Captain Ray, replied, “He had purchased a Penn 114-H fishing reel fifteen years ago and has used it on multiple shark fishing trips.” He has never tested it on a shark weighing more than two hundred pounds, but, “has landed many one hundred to one hundred fifty-pound sharks.” You can purchase the same reel for about $ 130.00

Fishing line can be between thirty and fifty-pound test line. The Penn 114H mentioned in the previous paragraph will hold 475 yards of fifty pound test line. Captain Tom King, of New England Sharks, recommends 500 yards of fifty to eighty-pound test. But he also goes on to say that it’s rare for a shark to strip off more than 300 yards on a surface run set against a fifteen-pound drag. A two pound spool of Ande costs $60.00

Fishing rods:
The easiest gear setup for a beginner is a matched rod and reel from Penn. You can buy a Penn 91414 graphite rod. The rod has a length of 6.6 and you’ll pay $115.00 .A Graphite rod will start

If it’s not a Gamakatsu or Mustad brand hook, it’s not worth tying it on. Mustad offset, 12/0 shark hooks will cost about $6.00 per hook.

Fighting harness:
A fighting harness and Gimbal belt will run close to $100.00

Leaders will run $30.00 and up


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