Fly Fishing Techniques for Beginners

If you’re getting into fly fishing for the first time, you probably aren’t sure what you’re getting yourself into. There’s numerous fly fishing techniques that more experienced fly fishermen can tell you about, because fly fishing dates back to hundreds of years ago. Get to know the basics of fly fishing first, here are a few that can help you get a better understanding of how fly fishing works.

Fly fishing is a method of fishing using artificial flies that are cast out by using a fly rod and a fly line. The thing with fly fishing is the weight of the fly line is what carries the hook into the air.

There is different types of fly fishing such as wet and dry fly fishing, experienced fishermen will tell you that wet fly fishing is the best way for anglers to become more adapted to sub-surfaced fishing. When fly fishing with wet flies typically fisherman use 2 flies which can increase the chance of hooking a nice trout or whatever kind of fish you are fishing for.

If you are using wet flies then it’s better to fish in an area that has fast moving water. Be sure to cast your line downstream and across the river, then follow your fly downstream with your fly rod, but be sure to keep your rod pointed directly at your fly. Pointing your rod tip at the fly is an excellent fly fishing technique because a belly will begin to form in the fly line which will cause the fly to swing across the river. This imitates a swimming insect, causing the fish to be more interested on what is at the end of the line, increasing your chances for catching a good fish! Although, there is different types of flies you can use than just the ones that mock swimming insects.

A good fly fishing technique for fast moving water is using a sinking tip line, by using this you are helping the fly get to a decent depth. However, fly fishing is done in all kinds of water; still, salt water, fresh water, pretty much anywhere and the techniques vary with habitat.

Trout, salmon and char are the most common types of fish caught with fly fishing, however almost every game of fish can be caught when fly fishing. Fly fishing has become an extremely popular sport and it takes a lot of trial and error to become an experience fly fishermen. There are numerous techniques other than the ones listed about that you should learn before you begin to fly fish.

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