Fishing Gems in Urban Tulsa

Fishing in and around Tulsa : r/tulsa

Ask a Tulsa local where they like to fish and chance are they will tell you about Keystone, Eufala and other massive reservoirs miles outside of the city. These lakes are great places to wet a line, but often overlooked by these fishermen are the myriad of fishing opportunities in urban Tulsa. Many of these are places not commonly thought of as fishing destinations, but they make for a great places for a few hours of relaxed fishing with friends.

Many of the public parks in Tulsa have small ponds available to the public for fishing, like Hunter Park in south Tulsa. Some of these ponds are located near jogging and biking paths or playgrounds, and are generally pretty small. However, they are stocked with fish and often hold a mixture of warm-water species, including largemouth, bluegill and catfish. These places are great for taking people just learning to fish, …