Fishing for New Job Opportunities

Job searching seems like a simple concept but does require some forethought about how you are going to approach the act of finding another job. There are two different philosophies when it comes to job searching. You can bring a pole or you can bring a net when fishing for jobs.

When we use a pole we typically go to the best places to find the fish. We will spend considerable amount of time researching where the best fish hang out, what type of lure to use and what methods we should use to catch them. Even though we don’t catch a lot of fish we are more likely to catch the big one.

A narrow search for a job is a lot like fishing with a pole. Some people prefer only to apply to those jobs which fit their criteria perfectly. They spend a lot of time reading the …

Fishing Tips for Big Spring Flounder

The spring fishing season brings flounder into inshore waters, and anglers pursue them in many different ways. Quite a few traditional flounder fishermen are content to drift or troll the inlets dragging live bait on the bottom and letting the boat do the work for them. But for those anglers seeking larger flatfish, anchoring up and casting to structure is a better tactic.

Big flounder love to orientate themselves around hard structure inshore. Docks, bridges, piers, jetties, and oyster beds near marsh grass are great places to find them. These larger female fish are a bit lazier than their smaller male cousins and prefer to lie in wait around some sort of baitfish-attracting structure (like pilings or rocks) that will bring a steady flow of straggling small fish (mullet, pogies, spot, croaker, pinfish, etc) when the tide really starts moving either in or out.

Here are some tips for catching …

Fishing for Striped Bass Off Cape Ann, Massachusetts

I’ve kayak fished the western shores of Gloucester, Ma. for ten years and for pretty good reason other than being a native: place has plenty of advantages: not much in the way of on-water congestion, or what anglers call pressure, an ample supply of fish, and countless ledges and outcroppings and coves and inlets that attract numerous species of fish, chief among them striped bass and bluefish, and for those with deeper interests, bottomfish like cod, pollock and the occasional wolf fish.

Kayak fishing here is also a fast way to become familiar with the endless variety of habitat favored by stripers. Chunk one area – say Halibut Point’s rocky shelves and drop-offs – then troll or jig sandy Coffins, Wingaersheek, or Cranes Beaches four miles distant, and you’ll soon get an idea of the pretty-much-anywhere-there’s-water haunts of striped bass.

Paddle from one area to another, eye on the …

Ways for Parents to Share Fishing

Are you a parent who is enthusiastic about fishing? If so, are you looking for a good way to get your kid in on the act? Fishing is an activity that can be a lot of fun and something you can share with your entire family. By reading this article, you will learn how to share fishing with your child.

First Way: The biggest thing you have to do is take him with you. If you do not do this, it is hard to share fishing with him.

Second Way: It is necessary to be her teacher. Before you start fishing, you should explain and demonstrate all of the things that will have to be done in order for your expedition to be successful.

Third Way: You should give him his own fishing gear in order to be able to participate. He would probably not be happy if he could …

Fishing Gems in Urban Tulsa

Fishing in and around Tulsa : r/tulsa

Ask a Tulsa local where they like to fish and chance are they will tell you about Keystone, Eufala and other massive reservoirs miles outside of the city. These lakes are great places to wet a line, but often overlooked by these fishermen are the myriad of fishing opportunities in urban Tulsa. Many of these are places not commonly thought of as fishing destinations, but they make for a great places for a few hours of relaxed fishing with friends.

Many of the public parks in Tulsa have small ponds available to the public for fishing, like Hunter Park in south Tulsa. Some of these ponds are located near jogging and biking paths or playgrounds, and are generally pretty small. However, they are stocked with fish and often hold a mixture of warm-water species, including largemouth, bluegill and catfish. These places are great for taking people just learning to fish, …